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Selected Videos

Coal Seams, for clarinet and bass clarinet

Égide Duo: Joshua and Stefanie Gardner (also on their CD “Gone is Gone”)

(excerpt: “Gone is Gone” for #TakeTwoKnees)



Four Signs, for bassoon and bassoon/contrabassoon

Sam Banks, bassoon; Fraser Jackson, bassoon and contrabassoon

  1. Mind the Gap

  2. Change: Go Inside

  3. Love One Another

  4. All Places from Here


Fourteen Prayers, for solo trombone

Andy Malloy, trombone (from his CD “Paper Clips”)

  1. Invitation

     2. Calling on the Inner  Compass

     3. Prayer for a Grateful  Heart

     4. Declaration of Interdependence

     5. Calling on Laughter

     6. Prayer for Fun

     7. Confession of the Boundaries of Understanding

     8. Calling on Humility

     9. Prayer for Love

     10. Exhortation for All Gods to Get Along

     11. Calling for Release from Fear

     12. Prayer for Peace

     13. Reverence for Everything

     14. Benediction



Goodbye, Old Paint, for bassoon and piano

Melissa Mackey, bassoon; Yuko Kato, piano



Invocation (2020) for bassoon

three interpretations:

Stephanie Patterson, bassoon

Margaret Phillips, bassoon

Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon



Lament (Chaconne) (2020), for solo bassoon

David A. Wells, bassoon


     Lament (Songs and Drones) (2020), for solo bassoon

     Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon


          Lament (Sarabande) (2020), for solo bassoon

          Marissa Olegario, bassoon


               Lament (Patterns) (2020), for solo bassoon and

               Lament (Call and Response) (2020), for solo bassoon

               Maya Stone, bassoon



One Thing and Another, for clarinet and piano

  1. Daydreams

  2. Mourning, Dancing (We are all damaged, we are all radiant.)

Kelly Johnson, clarinet; Gail Novak, piano



Songs and Dances, for oboe and bassoon

Prelude; Aria/Procession; Folk Song; Dance Song

Nancy Ambrose King, oboe; Jeffrey Lyman, bassoon


     Songs and Dances, for soprano saxophone and bassoon

     Post-Haste Reed Duo: Sean Fredenburg, saxophone; Javier Rodriguez, bassoon

     (from their CD “Beneath a canopy of angels . . . a river of stars”)

     1. Prelude

     2. Aria/Procession

     3. Folk Song

     4. Dance Song


          Songs and Dances, for clarinet and bass clarinet

          Égide Duo: Joshua and Stefanie Gardner

          I. Prelude

          II. Aria/Procession

          III. Folk Song

          IV. Dance Song



Sorrow and Celebration, for reed quintet and audience

Akropolis Reed Quintet

Premiere Performance

Recording (from Akropolis CD “The Space Between US”)



Suite from an Imaginary Opera, for English horn and piano

Aria – Dance – Recitative – Aria - Apotheosis

Cristian Gautier, English horn; Xin Ben Yu, Piano


     Suite from an Imaginary Opera, for bassoon and piano

     Benjamin Coelho, bassoon; Alan Huckleberry, piano

     (from their CD “Dreaming in Colors”)








Variations on “Streets of Laredo” for solo bassoon

Ann Shoemaker, bassoon (from her CD “New Standards”)



War Scrap, for violin, cello, percussion, and piano

Pacific Serenades: Belinda Broughton, violin; David Speltz, cello;

David Johnson, percussion; Antoinette Perry, piano

(from the Pacific Serenades CD “War Scrap”)



What Can I Do? (2021) for solo bassoon (playing and speaking)

Ann Shoemaker, bassoon   



What’s Going On, for wind quintet

Mill Ave Chamber Players (from their CD “Impressions”)

     I. Background Radiance

     II. Inheritance

     III. Mystery

     IV. Loss



What the Birds Said: Music by John Steinmetz

(a CD by Mill Ave Chamber Players and Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet)


Fits and Starts (woodwind quartet)

Three Pieces (double wind quintet)

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