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Generic Résumé
by John Steinmetz

(Suitable for all normal uses)

   (your name here)    is very important and impressive. S/he began performing at an impressively early age, and studied with important, impressive teachers at important, impressive schools. S/he has won lots of important awards, and s/he was the first American to accomplish something important that used to be accomplished only by foreigners.

S/he made his/her debut at some incredible age with a prestigious Major Orchestra and its Famous Conductor, and an important newspaper said s/he was impressive and would be important. Since then s/he has toured extensively, and has given numerous recitals on both coasts. S/he is in demand.

Again and again s/he has performed as soloist with important Major Orchestras, several of them overseas. In the season just past s/he performed in some very important places. This season s/he is performing in some other very important places. Next season s/he will perform in some really important places, and will do something for the first time ever.

Mr./Ms. ________________has made lots of recordings for various important companies. These recordings are of famous important music, or of newly-discovered important music, or of important music recorded for the first time, or of important music recorded for the first time with the latest technology, or of important music recorded for the first time with the latest technology on period instruments. On the records, Mr./Ms. _____________ is assisted by other important and impressive artists.

Composers who are still alive but nevertheless important have written numerous works inspired by (your name here) 's impressive talents and dedication to developing the repertoire. S/he has premiered and recorded these and other new pieces, often under the direct supervision of the composer himself or herself.

People who know about such things write many flattering words about Mr./Ms. _____________ for important periodicals. S/he is often compared to other important and impressive musicians of the present and past. Everyone agrees that s/he is important and impressive.

Mr./Ms. _____________ lives somewhere. S/he may have a spouse and/or children. In his/her spare time, s/he enjoys a hobby.
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